John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

Client’s large or small, simplicity speaks.

While employed at Barn3s Digital Agency.

John Zink has been a client of Barn3s before they were called John Zink Hamworthy Combustion. This was their third website iteration with us, and each time we revisit this, there are always challenges.

The site before this one was very (for lack of a better word) large. It product section had a sub level of at least 10 pages under it, some even having a tertiary level under it. Each had a literature section that was also feature in a literature library. And as a company grows, more and more needed to be added to the site. It wasn’t messy, but it was a lot.

Finally we decided to sharpen our focus. Instead of making sure visitors had everything they needed, we asked, “what do they actually need?”. It was at this point that development took off and we quickly got this site up and running.

If this site taught me anything, it was this: As a company gets larger and larger, a more focused approach is needed.

Project Scope: Full redesign.
Technology: WordPress
Launched: March 2018
Development Tasks: Complete build and code after approved design direction.
Ongoing Tasks: CMS and server updates and maintenance.